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  1. How robust is a Berg watch?
  2. What if condensation appears under the sapphire glass?
  3. How water resistant is a Berg watch?
  4. Do you sell straps in different sizes?
  5. Where can a Berg watch be serviced or repaired?
  6. What does my warranty cover?
  7. How do I change the strap on my watch?
  8. My strap dye is fading off to my wrists, what do I do?
  9. Shipping fees on orders under €100
  10. Sellita SW200-1 Movement User Manual


01. How robust is a Berg watch?
Our watches are designed to be worn every day. However, activities that involve very strong vibrations and repeated impacts should be avoided when wearing a Berg watch. Repeated sharp impacts can have a negative effect on the watch movement or cause permanent damage.
02. What if condensation appears under the glass lens?
If your watch experiences a sudden change in temperature or pressure, slight condensation may appear under the sapphire lens. This mist should disappear by itself if the watch is left to sit in a cool, dry place for several hours and there should be no adverse effect on the watch’s function. If condensation persists, please contact us
03. How water resistant is a Berg watch?
The water resistance of a Berg watch is always stated in atmospheric bars (ATM) on the case back of the watch. This rating is a measure of static pressure that the watch is able to withstand. This does not directly translate to water resistance at a certain depth (i.e. 100 metres) below sea level, which is used elsewhere in the watch industry for dive watch ratings.
ATM water resistance is purely a measure of resistance to pressure (i.e. how well the watch unit is sealed) and does not take into account the presence of moisture or water or the activity or environment the watch is being used in, which could affect and exceed the rated ATM value.
Please note that the water resistance of any watch is not a permanent characteristic. Seals and sealing systems, in particular, are subject to wear and tear and natural ageing. The following guide outlines acceptable usage for the ATM ratings of our watches:
Avoid contact with water wherever possible. Exposure to high humidity is acceptable. Avoid wearing the watch whilst showering, swimming, diving or during any other activity where it may be subject to abnormal water pressures or environments where heat and moisture are present.
Exposure to high humidity and light rain showers is acceptable. Avoid wearing the watch whilst showering, swimming, diving or during any other activity where it may be subject to abnormal water pressures or environments where heat and moisture are present.
Activities such as showering, bathing, swimming in a pool and snorkeling in a pool are acceptable. The watch should not be worn whilst diving or in salt water. Please rinse the watch with fresh water after exposure to a chlorinated pool, salt water, soap, etc.
The ATM rating only refers to the watch head and not the strap. Straps made from natural materials such as leather should avoid contact with water or very high humidity atmospheres.
04. Do you sell straps in different sizes?
Berg straps are designed to fit a wide range of men’s and women’s wrists. Depending on the watch model, our watches will fit wrists with a circumference of approximately 15–21cm. Our straps comes in both 16 mm and 20 mm widths.
05. Where can a Berg watch be serviced or repaired?
For advice on the service or repair of a Berg watch that is in or out of warranty please contact us with full details of your enquiry here. 
06. What does my warranty cover?
Your watch is warranted by Berg for a period of two years from the original date of purchase under the terms and conditions of this warranty. The Berg warranty covers materials and manufacturing defects on the movement. The warranty comes into effect if you have a copy of the receipt, this is required for proof of purchase. The warranty does not cover battery life as battery life may vary due to weather conditions it may be exposed to.
07. How do I change the strap on my watch?
Changing your watch strap is a quick and easy process that can be done in just a few seconds. Just push down the quick-release splint on the back of the strap to remove it. Do the same to attach the new strap. See this video to see how.
36 mm

Elegant, feminine proportions; perfect for small and medium wrists

38 mm 

Great for larger wrists, or woment who simply want a larger watch face

Perfect for small to medium wrists
40 mm



Best suited for larger wrists


08. My strap dye is fading off to my wrists, what do I do?

We're so sorry that happened! We understand how frustrating this can be. This issue may occur when the strap gets wet and there is friction towards the strap. Sweating or washing your hands with excessive splashing of your strap may cause this.

We use only non-toxic, vegetable-based dyes for our watch straps. The root of this problem stems from the amount of dye we have to use to saturate the naturally light-colored salmon leather to achieve the unique color of the strap. This problem will stop with time, but there are a few things you can do to speed up this process:

We recommend first wiping the colored part of the strap with a damp paper towel-- this will absorb some of the excess dye. After that, sprinkle a small amount of baby powder on the salmon part of the strap until the extra dye has been lifted. If you have a dark color that is bleeding onto your skin we suggest wiping it with a cloth until the dye issue has passed. Please keep in mind that the cloth can be ruined by our dyes, so we would advise using an old or unwanted cloth for dye-absorption purposes. 

09. Shipping fees

We offer free international shipping on all orders over €100. Is your order €100 or less than we charge you a €15 shipping fee. We ship all orders with expedited courier so that you can track your package and we can make sure it is received by you. This cost more than letter mail, but is faster and more convenient for all parties.


Sellita SW200-1 Watch User Manual

Congratulations on purchasing a watch with a Sellita SW200-1 movement! The SW200-1 is a reliable and accurate automatic movement that is widely used in the watch industry. This user manual will guide you through the basic operations of your watch.

Operating Instructions

  1. Winding the Watch: The Sellita SW200-1 movement is an automatic movement, which means it is self-winding. When you wear the watch, the movement's rotor will spin and wind the mainspring. However, if the watch has not been worn for a while, or if the mainspring has been fully unwound, you may need to manually wind the watch. To do this, simply turn the crown clockwise until you feel resistance. Do not overwind the watch, as this can damage the movement.

  2. Setting the Time: To set the time, pull the crown out to its outermost position (position 3) and turn it clockwise or counterclockwise to set the hour and minute hands to the correct time. You can set the time in either direction, but make sure the date changes at midnight rather than noon.

  3. Setting the Date: To set the date, pull the crown out to the second position (position 2) and turn it clockwise until the correct date is displayed in the date window. To avoid damaging the movement, do not adjust the date between the hours of 8 PM and 3 AM, as this is when the movement is automatically changing the date and may cause it to skip or jam.

  4. Screw-Down Crown: If your watch has a screw-down crown, make sure it is screwed down tightly after setting the time or date. This helps to maintain the watch's water resistance and protects the movement from dust and debris.

  5. Water Resistance: The Sellita SW200-1 movement is water-resistant, but the level of water resistance depends on the watch's construction and design. Check the manufacturer's specifications to determine the watch's water resistance and the appropriate use for your watch.

  6. Power Reserve: The Sellita SW200-1 movement has a power reserve of approximately 38 hours when fully wound. If the watch is not worn for an extended period, the power reserve will run out, and the watch will stop. To restart the watch, you will need to manually wind it or wear it until the rotor winds the mainspring.

  7. Maintenance: To keep your watch in good condition, have it serviced by a qualified watchmaker every 3-5 years. Regular maintenance helps to keep the movement running accurately and smoothly and can prevent damage and wear.


The Sellita SW200-1 is a high-quality movement that is designed to provide reliable and accurate timekeeping. By following these basic instructions, you can ensure that your watch operates correctly and lasts for many years. If you have any questions or concerns about your watch, consult the manufacturer or a qualified watchmaker for assistance.