About Us

BERG is a Norwegian watch brand inspired by the raw and beautiful nature of Norway. The contrast between the beauty of the fjords next to the rough and high rising mountains is what inspired us to make the Ulriken collection.
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BERG means mountain in Norwegian and at the back of the watch case is mount Ulriken engraved. Ulriken is the highest out of the seven mountains surrounding the beautiful city of Bergen which is also know as "the gateway to the fjords".
The best minimalist fashion watch
The mission with BERG is to create the best minimalist fashion watch on the market. A watch that looks great on your wrist. That is why we have used a premium swiss-made movement from Ronda that has created reliable quality movements since 1946. To avoid getting scratches on the glass we have chosen anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, which also reduces the reflection of light to the glass of the watch.
BERG watches
Straps made out of salmon leather from Iceland
The Berg watch straps are made out of salmon leather that comes from a Icelandic tannery that was ranked the number one tannery in Europe in 2016. The salmon skin is 10 times stronger then regular leather and therefore will be more durable. The straps come in a wide range of colors, so that you are sure to find your favorite. Switch straps in seconds with just a click, no tools needed on our watches. Our quick-release solution makes your life easier.
We chose to use salmon leather to create our rough and unique straps as it has a long history in the Norwegian leather industry. During World War II it was common in Norway to use salmon leather for shoes as it was so strong and durable. The idea of using salmon leather came from Eva Grung, the grandmother of our founder, Paal Friele Grung. 
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