Light Blue Silver 20 MM Salmon Leather Strap

Our watch straps are made out of salmon leather from the Faroe Islands. There they slay the fish before it gets shipped to the vikings of Iceland, in a ship filled with 40 well-built men. The vikings study the leather to make sure it is of the finest quality before they start the tanning process.

First they clean the leather before it gets washed. Then it gets tanned by hand and dried. The process takes three days and once done the entire town gathers to celebrate the making of this unique and luxurious leather to perfection. A beautiful blonde shield maiden lays down the precious goods in the mothership. It is protected by 20 other viking ships on its journey to the mongols of China.

Once it reaches the mongols of China it is carefully being hand-cut and sewn into the fine watch strap that you see in the picture. After all the skin has been turned into watch straps it is delivered to their leader Djengis Khan, who inspects the straps one by one. If it gets his approval, then it is delivered to all corners of the world by his personal courier Marco Polo.

Other important information:

The width of the strap is 20 mm

The length of the strap is 21.5 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Robert Myrvang

Jeg bestilte en reim med lomme for mikro-kort og fikk en uten - til kr 800 ? Juks og fanteri - dvs. Villedende markedsføring uansett !

Jone Lindmann
Love the watch

I really love the watch. But shipping took to long.

Jeroen Roelants
Great watch. Delivery and communication could use some improvements.

The watch meets my expectations quality-wise and it looks good.
Delivery service was not good. When I ordered the watch it was estimated to arrive between 3 - 7 business days, but it had taken months to finally arrive. I never received any update from Berg about when I would receive it, I just got the package some day (on which I was home luckily). During that time period, I had sent multiple emails to multiple of their email addresses to ask about when I would receive my watch, but have never received an answer. It also caused the watch to not be able to be integrated with my bank's application correctly, which made me have to go to one of their buildings and ship it to their main office to be fixed. Which added another week of waiting...

Victor Schreuer
Watch is excellent. Communication not so much.

I ordered the watch through a KBC competition that I won. The watch itself is beautiful, and of good quality. The payment function also works quite well (if you know how to position the watch correctly against the machine). I have to say that the communication with Berg was very disappointing. I had to wait several weeks until finally someone was able to get back to me even though I had sent emails to all of their official and non-official accounts as well as contacted them publicly and private on all of their social media accounts. I was getting nervous because the watch still hadn't arrived after 3 weeks of waiting. However, after 4 weeks, someone finally responded and the watch arrived the following week. If the communication issue was resolved, this review could easily be at least 4 stars.

Harald Risnes
Replaced my strap on my 3 year old Ulriken Gold 40mm Blue

My watch is new again! :-)

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