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Brown Rose Gold 20 MM Salmon Leather Strap

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Our watch straps are made out of salmon leather from the Faroe Islands. There they slay the fish before it gets shipped to the vikings of Iceland, in a ship filled with 40 well-built men. The vikings study the leather to make sure it is of the finest quality before they start the tanning process.

First they clean the leather before it gets washed. Then it gets tanned by hand and dried. The process takes three days and once done the entire town gathers to celebrate the making of this unique and luxurious leather to perfection. A beautiful blonde shield maiden lays down the precious goods in the mothership. It is protected by 20 other viking ships on its journey to the mongols of China.

Once it reaches the mongols of China it is carefully being hand-cut and sewn into the fine watch strap that you see in the picture. After all the skin has been turned into watch straps it is delivered to their leader Djengis Khan, who inspects the straps one by one. If it gets his approval, then it is delivered to all corners of the world by his personal courier Marco Polo.

Other important information:

The width of the strap is 20 mm

The length of the strap is 20.5 cm

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    Aleksandar Ivanovic
    Perfect watch strap

    This unique and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional leather has not only caught my eye but also garnered numerous compliments from friends and colleagues. It's a testament to the innovation in the world of accessories, offering a blend of style, comfort, and sustainability. If you're in search of a watch strap that stands out from the crowd while making a positive impact, look no further. This watch strap is a true gem that has found a permanent place on my wrist.

    Kristen Wanvik
    Very satisfied

    I am very pleased with my watch. The automatic function adds another dimension to a cool watch. I have nr 1/99.

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    Read about why we have chosen the materials we use in our designs.

    Swiss-Made Movement

    At Berg we have handpicked the finest movements from Switzerland. Our factories are Ronda, ETA and Sellita.


    Sellita was founded in 1950, Sellita operated as one of ETA's major outsourced assembly company for their movements until 2003. Since then, it has been developing its own movements based on ETA calibers with expired patent rights and has managed to become one of the main movement manufacturers of the Swiss watchmaking industry.


    ETA is one of the most prevalent and powerful companies in the modern watch industry. With its history dating back to 1856 when it was founded in Grenchen, Switzerland.

    With most of the powerhouses in the watch industry that doesn't produce their own in-house movement using ETA as one of their suppliers, it become one of the most trusted suppliers on the market.

    At Berg we are one of the few modern brands who have been able to produce watches with ETA movements.

    Ronda design and create all their calibres in Switzerland and over the past half century have become one of the world’s leading manufacturer in mechanical and precision electronic quartz watch movements. Its history dates back to 1946.

    With all our suppliers having more than half a century of experience in producing movements in Switzerland, we know that we work with the best of the best.

    Sapphire Crystal Glass

    It is a very hard, transparent material made of crystallizing pure aluminium oxide at very high temperatures. Synthetic sapphire has the same hardness as natural sapphire gemstones, but without the coloring agents that give the gems their various hues.

    When it is heated, the synthetic sapphire forms round masses, that are then sliced into pieces with diamond-coated saws. These disks are then ground and polished into watch crystals. (One reason sapphire crystals are relatively expensive is that the tools required to cut and polish this extremely hard material are very costly.)

    Sapphire (whether natural or synthetic) is one of the hardest substances on earth. It measures 9 on the Mohs scale, which is a system for rating the relative hardness of various materials. (Diamond measures 10, the highest rating.)

    AR Coatings:

    Sapphire crystal is more reflective than mineral crystal due to its higher index of refraction. (1,8 compared to 1,47). Applying one or more layers of AR (anti-reflective) coating will limit this reflection to a very low level.

    Very often, lines and marks on the top surface of a sapphire crystal are mistaken for scratches but are actually the scratched AR coating, or just AR coating wearing off after time. An AR coating on the inside of the crystal provides a good AR performance while avoiding this problem.

    If you do scratch a sapphire crystal, then it cannot be polished away and will need to be replaced.

    Salmon Leather Watch Straps

    When our founder Paal Friele Grung decided that he wanted improve the problems he saw with the watches he had himself. He knew that it wasn't enough to just outperform the competition on quality. Berg needed to innovate in the materials used.

    After hearing that his grandmother used salmon leather for her shoes during World War 2, and that the salmon skin lasted, but the wodden soles wore out, it was clear that is material was something that needed to be brought back.

    Salmon leather watch straps became part of the core identity of Berg as a brand. And the first watch brand in the world to use salmon leather for making watch straps.

    It's not just that it is a bi-product of the fish industry on the Faroe Island, Iceland and Norway, it also has very unique and intriguing texture.

    Interchangeable Watch Straps

    Why buy a new watch, when you can give it a new look by just changing the strap?

    A watch strap is like a tie to a suit. It is key for the look, but if you change it, it has a brand new look to it.

    That is why we designed interchangeable watch straps to our watches since day one.

    With a Berg watch you can have a new look for any day of the week. Change the strap in just seconds.

    Check out this video to see how it is done.

    ⭐️4,9 out of 5 Stars on Facebook Reviews ⭐️

    Having produced watches since 2016 we know that what we provide our customers is what they like.

    Our products are durable, has a battery life that will last around 5 years on our quartz watches.

    At Berg we don't just want to give you as a customer a great product. We want to give you and experience and make you part of our watch family.

    Our customers have been part of creating not just some of the designs of our watches, but also the direction and identity of the brand. We are very proud of being a community focused brand.

    5 Year Battery Life

    We know how much it sucks to have to go switch battery every 1-2 years with many watches.

    So we decided that we wanted our movements to come with a more durable battery. So our batteries are expected to last up to 5 years.

    When changing the battery we recomend talking to a local watchmaker.

    2 Year Warranty

    Your watch is warranted by Berg for a period of 2 years from the original date of purchase under the terms and conditions of this warranty. The Berg warranty covers materials and manufacturing defects on the movement.

    The warranty comes into effect if you have a copy of the receipt, this is required for proof of purchase. The warranty does not cover battery life as battery life may vary due to weather conditions it may be exposed to.

    The warranty does not cover watches that have been clearly damaged.

    Our watches are designed to be worn everyday. However, activities that involve very strong vibrations and repeated impacts should be avoided when wearing a Berg watch.

    Repeated sharp impacts can have a negative effect on the watch movement or cause permanent damage.

    Water Resistant to a Minimum of 5 ATM

    The water resistance of a Berg watch is always stated in atmospheric bars (ATM) on the case back of the watch. This rating is a measure of static pressure that the watch is able to withstand. This does not directly translate to water resistance at a certain depth (i.e. 100 metres) below sea level, which is used elsewhere in the watch industry for dive watch ratings.

    ATM water resistance is purely a measure of resistance to pressure (i.e. how well the watch unit is sealed) and does not take into account the presence of moisture or water or the activity or environment the watch is being used in, which could affect and exceed the rated ATM value.Please note that the water resistance of any watch is not a permanent characteristic. Seals and sealing systems, in particular, are subject to wear and tear and natural ageing. The following guide outlines acceptable usage for the ATM ratings of our watches:

    3 ATM
    Avoid contact with water wherever possible. Exposure to high humidity is acceptable. Avoid wearing the watch whilst showering, swimming, diving or during any other activity where it may be subject to abnormal water pressures or environments where heat and moisture are present.

    5 ATM
    Exposure to high humidity and light rain showers is acceptable. Avoid wearing the watch whilst showering, swimming, diving or during any other activity where it may be subject to abnormal water pressures or environments where heat and moisture are present.

    10 ATM
    Activities such as showering, bathing, swimming in a pool and snorkelling are acceptable. The watch should not be worn whilst diving. Please rinse the watch with fresh water after exposure to a chlorinated pool, salt water, soap, etc.

    The ATM rating only refers to the watch head and not the strap. Straps made from natural materials such as leather should avoid contact with water or very high humidity atmospheres.




    We build watches differently. Everything we do is based on being unique, from our straps to our partners. Wearing a Berg is a statement saying that you are unique.

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