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As of January 2019 all Berg watches sold online and at certain retail stores will come with a payment watch strap. This means that the watch strap will contain a NFC chip from our partners at Fidesmo. This chip will allow you to send an encrypted copy of your credit card to the chip using an app. We also offer support for micro credit cards developed by EVRY that will be available to order online from certain banks to be put directly into a pocket in the strap.

At Berg we have been working for over a year to onboard banks to support our payment options. At the same time we are dependent on the card companies to certify the solution itself.



Fidesmo Berg Watches

As of January 2019 all Berg watches sold online and at certain retail stores will come with a payment watch strap. This means that the watch strap will contain a NFC chip connected to Fidesmo. Through Fidesmo’s payment offering Fidesmo Pay you will be able to connect your payment card and make secure and simple contactless payments with your Berg watch. 
Connect your payment card easily through the Fidesmo Android app or through the Fidesmo Kiosk. The Fidesmo Kiosk can be found in chosen stores, in Norway the kiosk can be found in the following stores: 
*stores coming soon!
To be able to connect your payment card, your card must be in the list of supported cards. Initially the supported payment cards is limited to Sweden, but stay tuned for the list of supported cards for Norway. 
* list of the supported payment cards. 
The list of supported payment cards will be updated continuously, so keep updated! Go to to see the complete list of the supported cards and find information on how to connect your payment card. Go to to see FAQ and to contact Fidesmo support.

Berg Payment Watch Strap Fidesmo


Berg mikro bankkort EVRY Betaling klokkereim

In partnership with EVRY we have developed a pocket that has an easy to use "plug & play" solution where you can order a micro credit card from a bank that offers this and slide it right into the pocket and you will be able to pay with your watch.

This solution is specifically developed for the Norwegian market by EVRY and they are on boarding banks continuously to support their solution that will drop as of 2019. This option is certified by BankAxept, but waiting for Visa and Mastercard to certify it so it can be used outside of just Norway. At the moment  Handelsbanken is the only bank that has announce publicly that they will support this solution, but we know that there are other banks that have agreed to offer this to their customers and more are signing up. We are sadly not allowed to go public with these bank names before they announce it themselves.

Berg klokkereim bankkort mikro betalingsklokke evry

For 2019 we take this new wisdom with us and will do our very best to make the plattform as convenient for you as the end customer as possible. We are also looking forward to introducing more functions for you to use for the watch. Here are some of the products/functions we have in our pipeline:

- Opening smart doors using your watch.

- Storing your gym keycard in your strap

- Loyalty program where you get cashback at certain retailers and restaurants.

- Support for public transport tickets inside your watch.


Best wishes.

Paal Friele Grung


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