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All BERG watches besides the Ulriken (our base product) are produced in a limited edition version with a maximum of 1000 watches produced of each design. This means that if you own a BERG watch that is not a Ulriken watch, then you are 1 out of a maximum of 1000 owners of that watch. Exclusive is a word fitting of the Limited 1000 Watches Club. Get a unique watch that not everyone else carries on your wrist.

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Berg was started back in 2016 with the goal of creating the ultimate watch under $500. Innovation has been at the core of our brand and creating products for the detail oriented watch lovers out there. By using materials such as salmon leather and soon introducing vegan and plastic free mushroom leather, we are looking to produce the watches of tomorrow.

In 2018 we launched the world's first "dumb" watch that you could pay with, and we keep expanding this offering into new countries with more bank partners and other smart solutions.

Our focus on sustainability, technology and innovation has could the eyes of some of the world's largest brands in sports, and peaked their interest in having us design and produce their watches.

At Berg we design watches for the people with emotional connection to the design and products. Having a Berg watch says a lot about your identity and what you are. Unique, different and always exploring while looking your best.