Is salmon leather durable?

April 10, 2017

Is salmon leather durable?

Is salmon leather durable?

BERG watches ulriken salmon leather watch strap

Yes, salmon leather is extremely durable. Many people have asked me this question over the last 8 months, and salmon leather has been used for over a century in creating clothing products like shoes and handbags. Now it is time for the world to experience it in watch straps as well.

Why salmon leather?

BERG salmon leather atlantic leather

In August of 2016 I was talking with a friend of mine who owns a couple of clothing store in Bergen. I said I wanted a unique material that reflected the west coast of Norway. He showed me the new salmon leather bags that they just started selling and the material was truly unique. Like everyone else, I had to smell the leather. And no, it did not smell like fish. I was sure this was exactly the product I wanted and when I got home to my grandmother, she told me that they used it for their shoes during world war 2 and that is when I knew it was really durable as well.

Getting the feel and flexibility

BERG salmon leather watch strap

As salmon leather is a very thin material and very flexible, it was necessary to use regular leather underneath to give it that flexibility that you look for when you wear it as a watch strap. Also it gives the strap the same feeling as when you wear a regular leather strap, but you still get the unique look of the salmon skin.