Visiting our new factory in Switzerland

November 18, 2017

Visiting our new factory in Switzerland


After saying it in the Norwegian Financial Times (Finansavisen) back in August, I thought I had to stick to my word. I was asked about the future of watches and were I saw things moving, so I said that "we would probably see more and more smart hybrid watches come in the next years."

So after researching for suppliers and talking to them on the phone, it was time to visit to establish a relationship and learn more about what the future of watchmaking is going to look like. We also had a few ideas ourselves for what we wanted from them. But more about that in a later update when we know if we are able to deliver those unique functions.

We stayed in the cozy little mountain town next to the city of Sion, which is where our new factory is located. The factory didn't want us to take any photos inside as they have many patent-pending products. So here are some beautiful nature shots from the area instead. A must-visit if in Switzerland.

The new factory Berg is teaming up with is, Soprod. They produce movements for mechanical watches, quartz watches and smart watches. With over 100 million parts produced each year, it was fascinating to see how automated the production process at the factory was. (More about this to come in our first vlog).

Soprod is part of the Festina group and have made the latest Breitling smart watch, so we knew we were dealing with experts within their field.

We are very excited to share more about the collection the closer we get to launching it.

Expected launch is in the start of February.