The Berg Story

April 10, 2017

The Berg Story

How it all started

Berg was started in July of 2016 with a vision of delivering beautiful watches for him and her, while showing the world the history of Norwegian fashion and its materials, but using it in a new and modern way.

So why salmon leather you might ask? During World War 2, our founder, Paal Friele Grung's grandmother used salmon leather for her shoes, while the soles were made out of wood. It was the wood that wore out and not the salmon leather, so it made sense to start with that and create straps out of this mysterious and unique material.

The start of the journey

BERG oslo opera house

Back in July of 2016 Paal quit his part-time job to go all-in on creating the ultimate fashion watch and fixing the problems that he and his friends were experiencing with the fashion watches they had. For the first 4 months he worked on the design and finding the right factory with focus on fair trade and quality. That is why Paal traveled to Hong Kong and China to find one that had everything he was looking for and to build a personal relationship with the factory.

After picking the best components that would fit our design, it took almost 5 months before the first prototypes of the watches arrived as some of the components had to be custom built in Switzerland for the watches. But on March 12th Paal launched BERG on Kickstarter and reached the goal of 150 000 kroner in just 38 minutes. In total BERG raised over 880 000 kroner ($110 000) on Kickstarter, which was a new Norwegian crowdfunding record for watches.

Our inspiration

Ulriken Berg watches Bergen

Paal wanted to create an elegant and minimalist timepiece, but with something that showed its Norwegian roots. That is why when a friend told him about salmon skin Paal got really excited. After his grandmother later that night told him that they used salmon leather to make shoes during WW2, Paal knew he had found the right material for the straps.

Salmon leather is stronger than regular leather as it has cross fibers instead of straight fibers. It gave the watches the perfect look which reflected on our inspiration that is the raw and beautiful nature of Norway. The roughness of the salmon skin is like the raw nature of the mountains rising up from the fjords, while the simple and elegant beauty of the watch is the fjords. 

Our vision

Salmon leather watch straps berg

We want to tell the story of Norwegian fashion through time. Getting our inspiration from Norwegian nature, engraving Norwegian national symbols at the back of the case, using Norwegian materials and sharing it with the rest of the world