Curve partners up with Berg Watches

August 18, 2022

Curve partners up with Berg Watches

Berg Watches & Curve partner up on wearable payments 

Berg Watches and Curve just launched a partnership together for wearable payments. Both brands are known for their crowdfunding successes, with Curve specializing in the equity crowdfunding space and raising a total of 182,5 MUSD to date, and Berg Watches in the rewards crowdfunding space with over 200 000 Euro crowdfunded from buyers.

Berg Watches, a Norwegian based wearables startup launched the world’s first dumb watch back in 2018, but have struggled to get banks around the world to embrace the wearable payments technology.

With more and more banks in Scandinavia on-boarding with Berg, the market has slowly started to move, but it is first with the latest partnership with Curve that the wearables payment market in Europe will finally start to take off, according to Berg Watches founder, Paal Friele Grung.

«We saw the start of traditional banks looking to invest more money into this space and try out this niche market during Covid, with KBC in Belgium being the most forward leaning bank to date in this space, but the widespread markets that Curve operate in and the functionality of any European Visa and MasterCard bank customer being able to connect their account to Curve, and again connect the Curve card to our wearables is what will truly be a game changer for the wearable payments space.» Paal Friele Grung, Founder Berg Watches