Oxblood Red Silver 20 MM Salmon Leather Strap

Our watch straps are made out of salmon leather from the Faroe Islands. There they slay the fish before it gets shipped to the vikings of Iceland, in a ship filled with 40 well-built men. The vikings study the leather to make sure it is of the finest quality before they start the tanning process.

First they clean the leather before it gets washed. Then it gets tanned by hand and dried. The process takes three days and once done the entire town gathers to celebrate the making of this unique and luxurious leather to perfection. A beautiful blonde shield maiden lays down the precious goods in the mothership. It is protected by 20 other viking ships on its journey to the mongols of China.

Once it reaches the mongols of China it is carefully being hand-cut and sewn into the fine watch strap that you see in the picture. After all the skin has been turned into watch straps it is delivered to their leader Djengis Khan, who inspects the straps one by one. If it gets his approval, then it is delivered to all corners of the world by his personal courier Marco Polo.

Other important information:

The width of the strap is 20 mm

The length of the strap is 21.5 cm

Pay functions:

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Customer Reviews

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Disappointed in Bergwatch order n° 1517...

I received my Ulriken White Rose Gold 40mm Black Bergwatch that I ordered through a KBC-Bank advertise. I activated the werable by intoducing the activation code and the watch indicated the time. Problem is that it doesn 't reflect the exact time: the time you read on the watch is a couple of minutes ahead of the real time!

A second problem is that I am not able to pay with the watch nearby the payment terminal! Can anyone help me out?


Fin klokke og super kundeservice

Far from expected

Electronic chip integration makes a disgracious shape easily noticeable. Only one strap loop (although 2 are present on the photos here), which makes it very loose. And it would gain elegance with a 20/18 (at the buckle) shape instead of 20/20,once again the photos here show a strap going thinner at the buckle but the reality differs. Disappointed because there was potentiel with the salmon skin which is of quality.

fast vollkommen

Die Uhr gefällt mir sehr. Sie macht etwas her am Handgelenk.
Ich nutze sie natürlich als Bezahl-Uhr. Leider ist das Bezahlarmband etwas "schwach" am Point Of Sale (wird nicht immer sicher gelesen).

Ulriken Green Gold

It's a really good watch. Have some issues with connecting to fidesco pay, but the office can easily fix that. Another issue is the belt/strap that is difficult to open when taking the watch off, but I got used to it really fast. Great investment!

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