Launching on Kickstarter with success

April 10, 2017

Launching on Kickstarter with success

Launching on Kickstarter

Back in March I launched BERG Watches on Kickstarter. Launching on Kickstarter takes a lot of planning and you need to have a strategy ready for how to execute along the campaign. Many campaign fail because they just put their products out there before building an interest around their product and hope it will generate sales. I don't believe that is possible anymore as there are over 5000 projects on Kickstarter at the moment.


Planning The Process

It was back in September of 2016 that I decided that Kickstarter would be the plattform where I would raise the funds to be able to launch BERG for the entire world to see. That is actually when I started working on how I would be able to be launching on Kickstarter with success. And that is by learning and studying other successful campaign and how they markedet themselves. So I looked over their campaigns, how they positioned each part of their story, their videos and where you could find them on Google. Many of them had common traits and that is what I was looking for.

To collect leads I did the lead gathering tool on Facebook to market and pick up new emails to add to my list, it converted way better than just sending them to the website. Even though some signed up 5-6 times. Facebook, Instagram and word of mouth were the main reasons I managed to collect leads. When I launched I had 1100 emails.

The Launch

On March 12th BERG launched on Kickstarter with a bang. I had set my goal to be 150 000 kroner and personally though I would be able to reach that goal in just 2 hours. I was told to not have so high expectations, but I knew I had put in the work. So 38 minutes into the campaign I reached the goal of 150 000 kroner. It was an amazing feeling. So much effort, hard work and time had finally paid off. By midnight the campaign had over 250 000 kroner in backing. It was crazy. However that only meant one thing, it was time to hustle!

How To Keep Up Momentum

When launching on Kickstarter with success it is easy to think that the job is done and that it will keep on growing. For me that wasn't the situation. 18 hour days every day for 30 days was essential to making it go so well. The only trouble I really had was that I was ranking number 250 out of 550 projects in my category, even though all the criteria for a high ranking was met. Looking over the campaigns on there, the funding, percentage and time left, it seemed to me that I was supposed to rank in the top 10-12. Which would mean first page and a lot more traffic. Kickstarter wasn't very helpful on this part and it is really difficult to get a hold of them.

So I thought to myself that if they are not going to help me, then I guess I have to drive the traffic myself. So I turned to the media to get exposure and press. I called everyone in Norway almost. Very few were interested, but I didn't give up. I called them and sent mails several times and after 2 weeks I finally got Finansavisen to write an article about the campaign. And after that it started getting traction. So when pitching media I recommend having several approaches to a story ready. Make it as easy as possible for them.

I also did Facebook advertising and many Kickstarter associated sites like Backerclub and Backerland, which didn't really pay off. Facebook ads are a little difficult to check how well they convert when you can't add a pixel to the campaign and only can follow on Google Analytics.

I also did the most expensive package with Thegadgetflow, you can find discounts online for it. It converted decently, but long term I think it will be worth the investment. 

Finishing Up The Campaign

When you have been launching on Kickstarter with success then you should expect to have to fulfill a lot of orders. For me this has been an extremely sophisticated and logistical nightmare, but hard work reaps fruits. So after using close to 100 hours on logistics in total it all went well. For me it had to do with having such a wide range of products and combination as well as the first 500 were of a numbered edition.

I had agreed to work with a fulfillment company in Hong Kong already 6 months before launching on Kickstarter with success. It was important that the backers would get the upmost service and experience out of their investment.

What I Don't Recommend

After launching on Kickstarter with success it is common to receive a lot of spam mail from all over the world that says that they can take you project to the next level. For me one of those companies was Funded Today. They contacted me on my personal Facebook account and said they had great believe in my project and that it could really blow up with the help of their marketing experts. Let's just say that didn't happen.

I was really excited about taking it to the next level and paid a $3500 due diligence fee for them to try out some Facebook ads to find a market fit. Sadly they only generated $500 in sales and probably did not spend much of that money on ads. It was a huge blow, but I kept pushing forward. In the end my campaign ended on 880 000 kroner ($102 000) which was extremely well.

Now it is time to take BERG to the next level and release the products into the world of fashion and detail oriented watch lovers from all over the world!